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Neiil World School, Morena

Neiil World School Morena

Day Cum Boarding School

Morena Road 476001 Madhya Pradesh


NWS has introduced the world's most popular martial art "Taekwondo" to teach our students the art of self-defense. It is imperative in developing strength, speed, balance, flexibility, indefatigable stamina and self–confidence. Girls and boys are trained by their Taekwondo Instructor and then taken for competitions to various schools and states. The students range from green belts to black belts. Those who are green belts have to face a test to acquire the next level. So they have a continuous process of facing "belt tests" till they achieve the status of a black belt. This art requires a lot of practice and students are coached on a daily basis after school hours. Many students of NWS have done us proud by winning gold and silver medals in the All India Kenshin Do Karate Championship at the national level as well as the Choikwongdo Championship which was the first of its own kind. Our students have visited places like Jammu and Kashmir too to participate in the Taekwondo Competition. This art can be dangerous if not practised with precision but our Instructor takes minute details into account. He is ready with every remedy for injury or pain. First Aid is immediately administered to anyone who is wounded during the practice. The school is looking forward to starting other forms of martial art in the near future.

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