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Neiil World School, Guna

Neiil World School , Guna

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Dance Ki Pathshala

A dance workshop is a dynamic and inspiring gathering where dancers of all levels come together to explore and expand their passion for dance. Led by experienced instructors, the workshop provides a platform for dancers to learn, grow, and connect with others who share their love for movement. Participants engage in a variety of dance styles, from classical forms to contemporary techniques, allowing them to broaden their skills and express themselves artistically. The workshop environment is vibrant, with music filling the air and bodies gracefully moving in synchrony. It's a space where creativity flourishes, boundaries are pushed, and dancers support and encourage one another. Whether it's refining technique, exploring new choreography, or simply enjoying the sheer joy of dance, a dance workshop is a transformative experience that fosters growth and nurtures the dancer's spirit.

Dancing Superstars 2021-22

A dancing superstars competition is a dynamic and exhilarating event where dancers from various backgrounds and styles come together to showcase their talent and creativity. It's a platform that encourages self-expression, fosters healthy competition, and celebrates the art of dance. With dazzling costumes, impressive choreography, and electrifying performances, dancing competitions captivate audiences and inspire the next generation of dancers.


Farewell is a bittersweet moment as we bid farewell to someone we've come to know and appreciate. It's a time to reflect on shared memories, express gratitude, and wish them well on their new journey. Farewell gatherings bring a mix of emotions, laughter, and tears, as we celebrate the impact they've had while preparing to embrace the next chapter in their lives. Best of luck dears.

Founder’s Day and Investiture Ceremony 2022-23

“A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.”- John C. Maxwell The Investiture Ceremony 2022 - 2023 along with 10th Founder's Day of Neiil World School Guna was held on 16th July 2022 amidst great mirth and amazement. The programme was graced by Mr S. S. Sikarwar, Deputy Commandant, CISF, Vijaipur as the Chief Guest. The programme showcased a wide range of dance performances by our young Neiilites. Following this, the council members and prefects marched spritely and majestically in sync with the beating of the drums to receive their badges and sashes. The newly elected prefects and council members were administered oath by our respected Principal, Mrs Poonam Kumar to uphold the school motto in high regard and esteem. They expressed their commitment to work together to take the school to new heights in academics and other fields. Along with this celebration, the students were also awarded for their excellences in academics as well as in extracurricular activities.

Annual Sports Day 2022-23

‘Champions keep playing until they get it right.’ On 10th December, 2022, Neiil World School, Guna celebrated its Annual Sports Day with great enthusiasm. The event took place in the spacious playground of the school. The Superintendent of Police, Guna, Mr Pankaj Shrivastava was the Guest of Honour of the event. All the students and teachers were very energetic that day and enthusiasm could be easily seen in their eyes. A large temporary sitting arena was constructed for the parents and students to sit and enjoy the day. Students of all the classes participated in the sports day. The four houses of the school cheered for their respective members. The Superintendent of Police declared the Annual Sports Meet 2022-23 open at 10:00 AM followed by an inaugural address and releasing a bunch of balloons into the sky. The Sports Day started with the lighting of torch which was carried by the champions of different games followed by the march past of the four different houses. Different sports events like relay races, 100 metres race, volleyball, 200 metres race, long jump, shotput throw, etc. were there. There were also fun games for Pre-Primary students like jalebi race, three-legged race, etc in which parents also participated along with their child. Points were given to the four houses depending on the performance of their representatives in the events. It was followed by a medal distribution ceremony. The events of the day came to an end with the principal declaring the Annual Sports Meet 2022-23 closed followed by flag folding ceremony and presenting a token of gratitude to our Guest of Honour. At last, the Principal of NWS Guna, Mrs Poonam Kumar thanked everyone for their presence and support and congratulated the students for their exceptional performances.

Brain Splash 2022-23

“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.” — Bruce Garrabrandt The statement is quite true to the students of Neiil World School, Guna. Neiil World School, Guna, organized a sensational Grand Annual Exhibition - Brain Splash on Sunday, 13 November, 2022, in which students from Classes-Nursery to XII showcased their innovative skills. Inspired, encouraged and motivated by the teachers and the parents, the budding young talents of NWS Guna displayed different models and demonstrated their projects to the guests smartly and confidently. A few of them were Burj Khalifa, Automated Drip Irrigation, My Mini Pharmacy, Parts of Speech, Intelligent Cars, Musical Harmony, Space Exploration, Floating Treatment Wetland, Stock Exchange, Globe, Pyramids of Egypt, Ladakh Site, Anti Sleep Alarm for Drivers, Train Accident Prevention System Technology, Grammar of Hindi and Sanskrit, Presentation of Five Elements of Nature, Snooker, Air Hockey, Playground, etc. The guests admired the innovative ideas, toil, patience and technologies, the students put in their projects. Mr. Rajeev Goyal, Assistant Director, Education Department, Guna was present in the event as the Guest of Honour. The Principal of Kendriya Vidhyalaya, Gail, Mrs. Neelam Kumari and the Principal of JNV, Guna, Mr. Lallan Jha were also present as the judges in this programme. The centre of attraction of this event was the thematic presentation and enactment by the students of Pre-Primary about the Heritage of Madhya Pradesh.

Dancing Superstars 2022-23 (Season 2)

“Don't underestimate yourself. You are capable of more than you can ever imagine.”- Les Brown NWS Guna always tries to do something out of the box for the betterment of the children. To give wings to the children and to bring out their hidden potentialities, Neiil World School Guna organised a dancing extravaganza namely, NWS Dancing Superstars in the school auditorium on 19th March 2023 in which around 150 participants took part. The competition began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the honourable Guest of Honour, Ms Archana Agrawal and the esteemed judge, Mr Navneet Sharma in the presence of our respected Principal, Mrs Poonam Kumar. The stage became alive with the spectacular dance performances of the participants in their colourful attires. The performances were so ecstatic that it became very difficult for the judges to decide the winners. The esteemed guests congratulated the winners, appreciated the performances of all the children and also encouraged them to participate more in such competitions to enhance their talents. They expressed their happiness and deep sense of gratitude towards NWS Guna for conducting such a competition. The event added a new page to the excellent legacy of NWS Guna.

Eye Checkup Camp 2023

‘Your eyes show off the strength of your soul’. It is necessary for everyone to have regular eye examinations as, it is related to the most important-sense of sight or vision. Early diagnose of any related issue is better as, it can be treated soon. School going children need to have an eye exam or eye checkup on regular basis because if a child can’t see or read clearly, that prevents him from achieving full potential. Neiil World School, Guna organised an Eye Checkup Camp in the school on February 03, 2023. A team of eye specialists from Lions Club, Guna brought well-equipped eye examination tools to examine the students from Classes-Nursery to XII. The objective of this event was to spread awareness on eye disorders, their early detections and their remedial measures. The students also asked the queries they had in their mind which were solved by the doctors. Students with eye problems requiring medical attention were given referral slips. The camp turned out to be very beneficial for our students and staff. NWS Guna expressed its gratitude by presenting a momento to Dr. Abhilash Rajput and his team for the selfless services.

Kindergarten Farewell Ceremony 2022-23

'Farewell is not the end, it is a new beginning.' As our little Neiilites are moving to a new journey from Pre Primary to Primary classes,NWS, Guna organized a farewell, to give them some memorable moments. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the party. Students of class Nursery and LKG gave dance performances and greeting cards with titles to the students of class UKG.

Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony 2022-23

'I'll spread my wings, I'm ready to fly... I'll do whatever it takes to touch the sky.' It is rightly said, 'To make an end is to make a beginning.' To mark the culmination of the Pre Primary years, Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony was organised for the students of UKG on 15 March 2023 for outgoing batch 2023-24. The tiny tots, their parents and teachers celebrated the progress of the young Neiilities together. The event commenced with Lamp Lighting. After that students showcased their talent and joy through dance performances. Then our Principal motivated the students and conveyed her best wishes for their upcoming session. Principal and mentor Mrs Meeta Garg presented Mementoes to the little learners who were in graduation robes and caps with pride . The grand event culminated with a vote of thanks proposed by our Pre Primary Coordinator. The TDC was filled with giggles and smiles as parents and children clicked photographs and captured unforgettable moments of glory.

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