NWS,Guna hosts Sahodaya Athletics Meet

For the first time, NWS, Guna has hosted the third Sahodaya Athletics Meet (SAM) in which more than 500 students participated belonging from thirteen schools. Though the event began in formal setting which evaporated in no time but students relished every moment as each sports enthusiast cheered their respective school candidates to win. From track events to team events like throw-ball everyone at the top of their lungs in their encouragement roared for their schools which was a sight to behold. Academic honchos like Secretary of SAM, principals of all schools applauded efforts of Principal A.N. Manikandan and COO Beerendra Bhadoria to host the event on a grand scale successfully. The declaration of NWS, Guna as the winner school further motivated the students which served the motto of this meet.

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