Blessed are those who snuggle and hug…..spoil and pamper…..boast and brag….for they shall be called Grandparents." Grandparents are amongst the most wonderful relations in the life of every person. They give unconditional love and care to their grandchildren, which never fade with the passage of time. To show their gratitude and love, the students and staff of Neiil World School Morena celebrated Grandparents Day on 24th Oct with great zeal…and enthusiasm. Tiny tots were dressed up in colourful dresses. They were all very excited to perform for their grandparents and to exhibit this talent Needless to say, the Grandparents were very happy and overwhelmed to see their grandchildren performing for them. A beautiful day indeed! Grandparents enjoyed playing unique games and couple dance . Those moments will be cherished long by us as “a special piece of our hearts”.


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