Celebration of Teacher's Day by Neiilites.

A teacher has the unique responsibility of helping to develop and mould the lives of students. But on the contrary, today, NWS, Guna, students walked a mile by filling our teacher’s shoes. Students took up the reins of teaching and controlling. The arrangements and facilitation were all looked after by our own Neiilites. After a grand entry of all the teachers, the teachers had to just sit back and watch the show presented by our Neiilites. A dance performance welcoming all teachers had curtain-raised the event. Students also displayed their aptitude when they presented a skit showcasing a class-room environment. At the same time, students also got to taste their own medicine while manning other students. A melange of fun-filled activities and competitions were arranged for teachers which they participated with gusto. Students left no stone unturned to make this event a memorable and successful one. This teacher’s day, it’s not the teachers who celebrated the event but rather the students who embraced a seemingly daunting task of- well, you know - teaching. Here wishing everyone a blissful and prosperous happy teacher’s day.

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