Sports & Co-Curricular


  • Neiil World School encourages all round development of the students.
  • We have in our School Taekwondo, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Volleyball, Shuttle Badminton, Basketball, Swimming and Horse riding.
  • We have professional coaches on full time basis to train up the students in all aspects.

Sports and Games

Sports, Physical Education and Yoga are integral part of the teaching learning process as it is essential for the development of the personality of an individual. NWS organizes various Sports and Games activities, like:

  • Cluster level, district level, state level & national level.
  • Selection of various teams for the participation in the sports and games:Coaching to the selected students.
  • We have professional coaches on full time basis to train up the students in all aspects.

Co-Curricular Amenities


In addition to train up the students in Indian Classical Music (Vocal and Instrumental), our music teachers give highly specialized training in keyboard and other wind and percussion instruments. Our music rooms are well equipped with all instruments and are updated with modern equipment’s every year.


We have awell-trained dance teacher for Indian Classical and Western dances. Our students are trained as per their choice and display their talent in school celebrations, important occasions & Annual Day.

Art & Craft

Neiil World School has created a well-designed fully carpeted Art room. It is divided into two sections namely the art teacher's zone with systematically arranged shelves with all the required art and craft material. The student's zone has the black-board. This activity helps in bringing out the aesthetic sense of our students and to train them in drawing, painting, clay modeling and craft work which may help them touch the zenith of success in any of the above mentioned activities opted by students. They are taught to make "best out of waste" art items. The talent of our students is displayed through Art and Craft Exhibitions held from time to time.

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