Know NWS Guna

Smt. Katori Devi Garg

The School is dedicated in loving memory of the mother

“A mother is the first teacher of a child “

We are delighted to bring Neiil World School (NWS) to Guna as an opportunity to the parents who recognize the necessity of 21st century learner centric education for their children. We bring 18 years of experience of building "Neiil World School", a school of high repute in Morena (MP), and the learning that we had from there to NWS. In fact we have gone further. We put in a team of men of eminence, educationalists and professionals to build a vision and guide the school to excellence.

We have chosen the best of architects to build purpose built learning spaces which are aligned to NWS curriculum and classroom interactions. We took every care to build a safe, secure and healthy learning environment. We have invested lot of efforts and time to select quality teachers from all parts of the country. We made a school with love for children.

"Welcome to Neiil World School, Guna!"

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