Workshop on the POCSO Act

A one day workshop was conducted on June 17, 2017 for all the NWS teachers. This workshop was on ‘Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act’. The workshop was conducted by Geetanjali Kumar, Life Skills Trainer & Counsellor and Parenting Coach. She is a CBSE empanelled trainer who had conducted over 500 workshops for teachers and Principals on Life Skills and associated areas in cities across India and abroad. She explained the salient features of POCSO Act, 2012 which was attended by all the teachers of NWS including the Principal, Sir Dennis Augustine and Vice-Principal, Molly Dennis.

While referring important salient features of this Act, it was mentioned that the special Courts while trying the offences under this Act, should protect the best interest of a child at every stage of the judicial process and must create a child friendly atmosphere. Procedures for reporting, investigation, recording of statement/evidence and trial of offences should always be very conducive and favourable to child. Every person including the child is under an obligation to report the matter of child abuse to special juvenile police or the local police. Such report should be recorded in a simple language.

The POCSO Act is gender neutral legislation and provides protection from sexual abuse to all children below 18 years of age irrespective of their gender. All trials before the special court must be conducted in camera and in the presence of parents of the child or any other person in whom the child has trust or confidence so that a child friendly atmosphere may be created. Identity of the child should not be disclosed and he/she should not be called repeatedly to testify in court. The evidence of child must be recorded within 30 days from the cognizance.

The Second session after lunch break was mainly used to motivate the teachers for various classroom situations by engaging them in group activities and through motivational videos. The teachers were highly inspired after the workshop and a good feedback was received by all the teachers regarding the workshop.

One day workshop on Tata Class Edge (LX)

A one-day workshop on the updated software of Tata Class Edge (LX) for teachers of NWS was conducted on June 16, 2017. The trainer from Tata Class Edge, Mr. Yogesh Dubey, conducted the workshop. The updated software works on the multiple learning experience model which includes Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking, Verbal (one-on-one interaction), Visual-Auditory (Multimedia) and Kinesthetic (doing experiments). The various updated components of the software was vividly described by Mr. Yogesh and the teachers were motivated to use the software in their respective classes on a consistent basis..

CCE Workshop

A short workshop on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation by the CBSE was organized at NWS on December 13, 2014 and was taken by the Senior Principal of NWS, Mr. R.K. Dwivedi. The purpose of the workshop was to gain a deeper understanding of the most appreciated CCE Scheme and the essentials of CCE. The workshop had an attendance of about 50 teachers. The workshop was a PPT presentation by Dwivedi Sir who laid out the A-Z of what a teacher should do in his/her teaching profession. The session was highly appreciated by all the teachers of NWS.


A rigorous 2 days workshop on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation by the CBSE was organized at NWS on July 1st and 2nd, 2014 by Prof. (Dr.) B.L. Handoo and Team. The purpose of the workshop was to gain a deeper understanding of the most appreciated CCE Scheme and the essentials of CCE. Prof. Handoo and Dr. Subhash Arora collectively took excellent brain storming sessions for the teachers of NWS and explained CCE in detail. They took ample amount of time in explaining the key terms related to both Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment.

All the sessions were clubbed with PPTs, guided activities and working with handouts which made the sessions livelier and helped all the teachers to assimilate the various concepts in their minds.

The second day of the workshop started with a pioneering presentation by the different groups of teachers on Tools and Techniques of Formative Assessment. More stress was laid on assessing the Co-Scholastic Aspects of the CCE pattern. Teachers were taught the concept and features of Value Education and how they can inculcate good moral values in the lives of young children. The concept of Gender Sensitivity in schools was also brilliantly brought out by both Prof. Handoo and Dr. Arora in which they shared their various life experiences in the teaching field and also in their personal lives. Prof. Handoo with his wit and humour made some of the tedious sessions light and easy. All the teachers gave their feedback on the programme and shared their thoughts on how they were greatly benefited by the Capacity Building Programme on CCE.

The workshop ended with a photograph session and a heartfelt vote of thanks by the Ex-Principal, Mr. Shaji Mathew to the worthy trainers for conducting such an enlightening workshop at NWS.

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