Mr. Dennis Augustine

Principal message to my wonderful children.

“Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity”

Dear students

It's my pleasure to wish you all a successful academic year as we come to the end of 2019academic session. This year 2019-20 was a year of accomplishment for NWS. We have achieved many heights this year but miles to go before we regain consistency.

At the entrance gate of a university in South Africa the following message was posted.

"destroying any Nation does not require the use of atomic bombs or the use of long range missiles, it only requires lowering the quality of education and allow cheating in the examination by the students”.

The outcome will be:

  1. Patients die at the hands of such doctors.
  2. Buildings collapse at the hands of such engineers.
  3. Money is lost at the hands of such economists and accountants.
  4. Humanity dies at the hands of religious scholars.
  5. Justice is lost at the hands of such judges.
  6. "The collapse of education is the collapse of the nation".

This is the time for us to ponder over the quality of education that is being imparted at Neiil World School. Education does not mean only scoring marks or percentage but it's where a child is made to think and show sympathy and empathy for his fellow men, a sense of belongingness towards School, towards society and nation.

The complete development of a child takes place when he is able to distinguish between what is good for him/her and what is not. Our endeavor begins here. We really try to inculcate these habits among the students at NWS in all possible ways.

It is my humble request to all the parents to support us in moulding the character and academic excellence in the students. It is the responsibility of the school and parents a joint venture in which the parents also play a vital role in educating a child.

It's time to change

Let us all strive forward to achieve this target

From the bottom of my heart I thank the entire team of NWS in bringing out this magazine.

Congratulations to the editorial board for completing this process within the stipulated time period.

Wishing you all a wonderful Academy year ahead

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