Vice Principal Message

“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think”

–Albert Einstein

It has been a decade of our remarkable and enriching journey as Neiil World School for the entire NWS family. The vision, mission and goals of any institution evolved with time and growth of its leaders. Though, the fundamental guiding principle that makes the core of the journey remains unaltered. We have invested most of our energy in ensuring that we stick to the fundamentals with which we embarked on this journey of NWS & its legacy.

We are striving to create an institution that is enabling all round development of our children, helping us to develop critical thinking skills, creativity, quick learning, unlearning and relearning skills.

We have to go a long way, however, this is a never ending journey and we are committed for giving our best at each and every step.

This school attains its eminence in the first place through the achievement of children. The website also espouses the School spirit which is built up within the school through the collective actions, thoughts and aspirations. All these, we believe would boost higher growth and enterprise in children. It gives us immense pleasure to ensure that NWS has successfully accomplished its objective.

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