Play Room for Pre-Primary Section

It focuses on facilitating teaching excellence in the classroom, seminars, general meetings, and personality development sessions are held in teacher development Centre to update and motivate the teachers, so that they can focus well on the students. Training sessions are held for parents too.


God is the creator, and like every natural thing on this earth as rivers, mountains, trees, clouds etc., the child is the most beautiful natural living creation of God. They have a pure heart and are keen observers of nature. They love to be in close communion with natural surroundings.

We at NWS have created a wonderful environment for our very young scholars. NWS has got the most charming play room for its tiny tots. Apart from big open gardens, swimming-pools, riding on a horse etc. we have a special Play-Room for them which is designed in a beautiful way, keeping in mind the concept of "Learn while you play."

The ambience of gaiety and joyousness here is perhaps one of the main reasons why the kids never like to miss school. The blocks, toys and play material are so designed that the kids learn something new while playing. The slides, see-saws and swings are all made of a non toxic fibre that is extremely safe for the children to use. Apart from the Class Teacher and the Assistant Teacher, a maid always accompanies the kids to the toy room and back. The play material is worth enough to teach them numbers, letters, different shapes, colours etc. and help in developing their motor skills. Different wooden cut-outs of their favourite cartoon characters, fairy tales' characters and animals decorated on the walls of this room help them to create their own imaginative stories. On the big display board they can see their drawings and other creative work, which they do in assistance with their teachers.

The play room is kept open on P.T. Meeting days so that parents who bring along little kids can leave them there while they attend their meeting. They enjoy the time they spend in this room. Their pure heart and innocent smiles make us realise that may be that's the way God wants us to be.

Play Station for Pre-Primary

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