Science Lab

Over the years, the school has established a sound reputation as a provider of quality education. It prepares students according to standards prevailing in most countries, including India. The school has separate science labs for Physics, Chemistry & Biology complete with equipment and models required to conduct experiments. LCD projectors are fitted in all the labs to create a live learning experience. Students conduct experiments under the supervision of teachers to learn the practical aspects of science. They are motivated to develop scientific inherence in them. Our teachers always expose students to various scientific phenomenons in order that they understand their practical value in real life situations.

Robotics Lab

Robotics is a new concept which will make students ready to embrace the world of technology with open arms and help them acquaint with the latest methods of education through technology. In the modern scenario everything boils down to technology and here not to be familiar with technological advancements is to be nothing. Robots are now-a-days being used everywhere i.e. in space, defense, industry, medical science, entertainment and education. Robotics will enable students to imbibe skills such as problem solving and logic building. NWS takes pride in being the first school in Madhya Pradesh to introduce robotics as a subject. Here students are not only taught to make robots functioning according to the instructions given but also to create their own new robots with the material provided to them. Students are simply crazy about this new subject and never fail to display their enthusiasm to learn and ecstasy at their achievements.

Language Lab

The use of fluent English among students is seen lacking in most schools but Neiil World School has a solution. The inhibition to speak the language is completely removed by the novel method of teaching the subject. The Language Lab not only allows students to learn concepts through computers but also enables them to listen, speak and record their voices for future correction

Mathematics Lab

The Maths lab eases the process of understanding a complex subject with audio-visual aids to enhance learning and memory. Mathematics, a dreaded subject among most students comes alive here and students learn it with great interest. The concepts of 2D and 3D shapes are made clear through live demonstrations and models. Formulas and theories become extremely lucid when they make models of cylinders, cuboids, cubes, cones, spheres etc. Mathematical concepts are also taught to them through charts prepared by the students themselves. They even prepare rare calendars based on shapes which make the learning of mathematics so much fun. They make use of colour while learning the concept of symmetry.

Social Science Lab

An LCD screen combined with charts, maps, models and globes brings alive the experience of facilities. Difficult concepts in Geography become very lucid with such colourful demonstrations. The students are trained in measuring roads and distances and tracing locations with practical material. They study samples of soil, rocks etc. in the lab. They are taught to make their own maps and models too such as the Ganges River System, National Parks and the Hydroelectric Power System. Historical monuments such as the Taj Mahal and Sanchi Stupa are recreated by the students with material like thermocol. Even the Indus Valley Civilization comes alive in our Social Science Lab when the students view a bust model of the priest king, the ornaments and earthenware of that period. Many of our scholars have even gone further in making working models of Power Stations and the system of Rain Water Harvesting

Computer Lab

NWS has a spacious fully air conditioned Computer Lab which can accommodate 55 students at a time. The lab is fitted with ultra modern interiors which are designed for a comfort and easy functioning. All the PCs are connected to a single network through a virtual desktop so that data can be easily transferred and shared by all.. The lab is equipped with an online UPS system which provides a power back-up for several hours. It has 55 new LCD Computers. Here students perform their practicals under the supervision of our Computer teachers. Here they come closer to various computer applications such as operating with WORD, EXCEL and POWER POINT Presentations and Computer programming Languages such as Basic, C++ and Java. They are also taught data base management systems. They use computers for accessing the internet, and various reference sources. The internet facility is available on all the PCs .The IT Department strictly manages network-security through Firewall Fortinet. Weekly preventive maintenance is done to check power condition, the hard discs, CPUs, memory HDD etc. Special care is taken to observe the functioning of the software to prevent VIRUS from damaging the computers.

TATA Class Edge

Tata ClassEdge is an innovative and comprehensive educational solution that enables teachers to deliver higher quality instruction. It is designed to enhance a student’s social and intellectual skills while ensuring an in-depth understanding of the curricula. Tata ClassEdge is mapped CBSE curriculum. It is based on the Multiple Learning Experience (M-LEx) Model - an instructional model designed by Tata Interactive Systems.

Multiple Learning Experiences

The model is developed on the premise that when students use multiple senses and are involved in a variety of carefully planned activities, they will be better involved with learning and will retain concepts better.

The model makes use of distinct types of activities that promote social and thinking skills in students, including critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, research-orientation and communication skills.

Basket-ball Court

NWS has a top class basketball court which equips our students for school-level and state-level Basket Ball Championships. The court is kitted out with all the modern facilities. Here students are groomed under the able guidance of our basketball coaches. Our most modern basketball court offers to the students the best way to channelize their energy and entertain themselves. It was inaugurated by the former captain of the Indian Hockey team Shri. Dhanraj Pillai on the Annual Sports Meet of SPS on 31st January, 2010. The school basketball team had participated in the CBSE Cluster Basketball Matches at Advance Academy, Indore and also in the basketball matches organized by the Sahodaya Committee at Ebenezer Higher Secondary School, Gwalior. NWS proposes to host inter-school basketball matches in the near future. .

Lawn Tennis Court

NWS has gifted its students with a well equipped lawn tennis court on the line of an internationally accepted paradigm for the above. Students avail this facility to empower themselves for a classy performance at various levels of competitions. Here students are trained by our coaches to participate in school- level and state-level competitions. Our lawn tennis players have regular practice to get themselves prepared for the above mentioned competitions. The school also organizes Inter–House Lawn Tennis competitions to provide students with a platform to fare well in various competitions all over the country.

Art & Craft Room

NWS has created a well designed fully carpeted Art room. It is divided into two sections namely the art teacher's zone with systematically arranged shelves with all the required art and craft material. The student's zone has the black-board. This activity helps in bringing out the aesthetic sense of our students and to train them in drawing, painting, clay modeling and craft work which may help them touch the zenith of success in any of the above mentioned activities opted by students. They are taught to make "best out of waste" art items. Some of our most talented scholars have recently painted New Year Cards which were printed and sent out to all the SPS parents and guardians. The talent of our students is displayed through Art and Craft Exhibitions held from time to time. The inter- house Art and Craft Competitions are other ways of showcasing their creative work. Students love to attend their art and craft classes.

Music Room

NWS provides its students every opportunity to familiarize them with MUSIC, whether it is VOCAL or INSTRUMENTAL. Students are free to choose any one out of these according to their own interests.


NWS has introduced the world's most popular martial art 'Taekwondo' to teach our students the art of self-defense. It is imperative in developing strength, speed, balance, flexibility, indefatigable stamina and self–confidence. Girls and boys are trained by their Taekwondo Instructor and then taken for competitions to various schools and states. The students range from green belts to black belts. Those who are green belts have to face a test to acquire the next level. So they have a continuous process of facing 'belt tests' till they achieve the status of a black belt. This art requires a lot of practice and students are coached on a daily basis after school hours. Many students of SPS have done us proud by winning gold and silver medals in the All India Kenshin Do Karate Championship at the national level as well as the Choikwongdo Championship which was the first of its own kind. Our students have visited places like Jammu and Kashmir too to participate in the Taekwondo Competition. This art can be dangerous if not practised with precision but our Instructor takes minute details into account. He is ready with every remedy for injury or pain. First Aid is immediately administered to anyone who is wounded during the practice. The school is looking forward to starting other forms of martial art in the near future.

Badminton Court

NWS stresses on Sports and Games as a vital element in the all-round development of its students. Therefore besides the lawn tennis and basketball courts there is also a badminton court which can accommodate two sets of games simultaneously. Students use this court during their games classes as well as during their activity classes after the regular school hours. Our experts coach them for in-house matches and many of our students are ready to play inter-school and inter-state matches. Not only this, the school organizes occasional matches especially on Teacher’s Day and Children’s Day between teachers and students in order to build their confidence and give them a boost. The badminton court is also used by the residential staff during the evening hours as a wonderful source of recreation and exercise. .

Play Room for Pre-primary Section


God is the creator, and like every natural thing on this earth as rivers, mountains, trees, clouds etc., the child is the most beautiful natural living creation of God. They have a pure heart and are keen observers of nature. They love to be in close communion with natural surroundings.

We at NWS have created a wonderful environment for our very young scholars. NWS has got the most charming play room for its tiny tots. Apart from big open gardens, swimming-pools, riding on a horse etc. we have a special Play-Room for them which is designed in a beautiful way, keeping in mind the concept of "Learn while you play." The ambience of gaiety and joyousness here is perhaps one of the main reasons why the kids never like to miss school. The blocks, toys and play material are so designed that the kids learn something new while playing. The slides, see-saws and swings are all made of a non toxic fibre that is extremely safe for the children to use. Apart from the Class Teacher and the Assistant Teacher, a maid always accompanies the kids to the toy room and back. The play material is worth enough to teach them numbers, letters, different shapes, colours etc. and help in developing their motor skills. Different wooden cut-outs of their favourite cartoon characters, fairy tales' characters and animals decorated on the walls of this room help them to create their own imaginative stories. On the big display board they can see their drawings and other creative work, which they do in assistance with their teachers.

The play room is kept open on P.T. Meeting days so that parents who bring along little kids can leave them there while they attend their meeting. They enjoy the time they spend in this room. Their pure heart and innocent smiles make us realise that may be that's the way God wants us to be.

Activity and Workshop Room

NWS has a well equipped Activity and Workshop Room which is used by staff and students alike for multipurpose activities. The various committees among the staff use this room for their discussions and meetings. The entire staff finds this room large and convenient to celebrate staff birthdays and for in house parties. Most often this room is used for Principal-Teachers’ Meetings. The Activity and Workshop Room is used by the Editorial Board for their meetings. The teachers use this room to conduct activities like Class Debates, Collage work, Class Discussions and Extempore. The Pre-Primary Section uses this room for Puppet Shows and Movie viewing.

Swimming Pool

The school has two big swimming pools - one national swimming pool and another baby pool for toddlers. Both the pools are well equipped with modern facilities. The excellent filtration system ensures that the pools are regularly cleaned and kept infection and germ free. Students are taught swimming under the supervision of our swimming coaches. Our expert coaches and well trained assistant coaches are vigilant and careful enough to avoid any mishap. The school grooms students to take part actively in various swimming competitions taking place all over the country. Our students have so far participated in zonal level swimming competitions such as Triathlon and Aquathlon swimming competition at Taranpushkar, Gwalior and state-level swimming championships at Indore and won many medals for the school.


"Health is wealth" is a commonly accepted fact but our trainers at the gym say "There is no life with a Gym as health offers the first happiness to human beings." In this technological day and age, when most people are sitting at the computer for hours on end, health is melting into oblivion. However, at Scholars' physical health is given top priority. In fact ranging from the students and the staff to the members of the management, all use the Gym to do various exercises on the most modern machines available such as Start Track Joggers, Tondo Joggers, Electric Walkers, Sitting Bicycles, Twisters, Abdomenal Boards, Bench Press, Vibratory Belts, Hammer String Pull, Leg Curls, Seated and Standing Calves, Butterfly Machine, all varieties of Dumbles ranging from 10 points to 250 points, International Rods, 4 Station Multi Gym and many more. Besides this, the gym also offers courses on Aerobics, Dance, Yoga, Art of Living. The NWS Gym offers 3 types of exercises: Cardio Exercises, Weight Training with Cardio Exercises and Body Building. The students are basically trained to do only the first. They are coached on their diets as well. There is an expert and 2 assistants who not only train the students but also meticulously tend to the machines on a weekly basis.


We have a well equipped print and electronic library, stocked with a collection of over 8,000 + books on all subjects besides Encyclopedias, Magazines, Journals, Newspapers and CD ROMs to suit varied interests and develop reading habits in students and teachers. The books are systematically arranged subject-wise for easy availability. Perfect silence and strict discipline is maintained to make reading in the library more fruitful. All the classes have compulsory Library Periods. Students are keen about their library periods. Students can search for books of their choices on-line. The school has a huge collection of Encyclopedias and other reference books. Students of Class II onwards are entitled to use the library. Every student has an account by which he/she can issue a book for 15 days. Books issued may be renewed.

The students are motivated to do following activities while they are in the library:

  • 1. Developing a flair for writing and creativity
  • 2. Writing a Book Review
  • 3. Describing Characters
  • 4. Critical Evaluation of a book
  • 5. Creating their own stories
  • 6. Solving Puzzles
  • 7. Book discussion

Our Digital Library is also in the process.:

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