Class I - V

School follows continuous & comprehensive evaluation as per CBSE guidelines. Promotion will be totally based on the whole year's performance i.e. FA’s SA’s. It will be essential for the child to get minimum 'D' in the 5 point grading scale of achievement A1, A2, B1, B2, C, D. There will be evaluation in 2 terms for Classes I - V. 'April - September, October - March.

Class VI - XI

  • An academic year has been divided in two terms. The first term will be from April - September and second term from October - March.
  • School follows CCE in classes VI - X also as per CBSE guidelines. The CCE is intended to provide holistic profile of the learner through scholastic and Co Scholastic areas.
  • Evaluation of Scholastic area will be done through two Formative Assessments and one Summative Assessment in each term. The Formative Assessment will include projects, practical assignments, Activities, Subject wise homework etc. The Summative Assessment will be the at end of term examinations.
  • The weightage of Formative Assessments will be 10% for FA1, FA2, FA3 and FA4 each ie. total 40% for formative. The weightage of Summative Assessment will be 30% for SA1 and 30% for SA2 i.e. total 60% for summative. Note: The grading for scholastic area will be done on a 9 point scale as follows : A1 (91-100), A2(81-90), B1(71-80), B2(61-70), C1(51-60), C2(41-50), D(33 - 40), E1(21-32), E2(00 - 20)

In addition to this, Co Scholastic areas like :

  • 1(A) Life skills: thinking skill, emotional skill, social skill
  • 1(B) Attitude: towards teachers, towards school property, towards environment, towards school matters and value system.
  • 2(A) Participation and achievements: In Literary and Creative skills, Scientific skills, Aesthetic and performing of Arts and Clubs (any 2) and
  • 2(B) Health and physical education: Gardening/Shramdan (compulsory) sports, First Aid, Swimming, Yoga (any 1) will also be graded

NOTE: The grading for co scholastic area will be done on a 5 point scale i.e. A1, A2, B1, B 2and C for (A) above and for others i.e. 1(B), 2(A) & 2(B) will be graded in 3 point grading scale A1, A2 and B.

  • In Class XI scoring 33% in theory & practical papers separately is essential excluding weekly test.
  • It is essential to score minimum 'D' grade in the subjects in which grading system is applied.
  • Oral Exams will be conducted as per the prescribed weekly schedule.
  • Evaluated answer scripts of students, (except SA2) will be given to students and on request by Parents on PTM day.


  • Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole year's performance of the pupil, hence importance of regularity in attendance is imperative.
  • Re-test/ Exam/EIOP (Eligible for Improvement Of Performance) is permitted, as per CBSE Guidelines. Courses of all the tests will be settled by the subject teacher.
  • 75% attendance is must for promotion to the next higher class.
  • If a child is absent in any of the examinations, may be on any ground, he/she lead to EIOP (Eligible for Improvement Of Performance).
  • If a child is unable to attend the EIOP (Eligible for Improvement Of Performance). Also, on medical ground he/she may be considered for promotion on the basis of the whole year/half yearly performance.
  • It will be essential for a student of class X & XII to qualify the pre board/model tests with a minimum score of 50% marks in each subject.
  • A student must pass in EIOP by securing at least passing marks as mentioned in the rules, in each subject. No. grace marks shall be given in the Supplementary Examinations.
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